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  • Business Spotlight: Phin Bar

    Business Spotlight: Phin Bar

    August 16 2021

    Based in San Jose, CA, Phin Bar is an urban brew-bar that offers Vietnamese-style steeped coffee combined with house made ingredients. Every drink is served cocktail style and is made to order. The owners, Paula Cruz-Cao & Hoang Cao, started Phin Bar in 2015 which initially began as Paula’s passion project during college. The most popular Vietnamese Coffee flavors on...

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  • Business Spotlight: Vegan Veganos

    Business Spotlight: Vegan Veganos

    April 14 2021

    Vegan Veganos is a plant-based Mexican food truck based out of San Jose, CA. The owners, Dalena Bui & Manuel Villa, started their food endeavor in April 2018 with just a small food trailer and were able to expand the business all the way up to a full-sized food truck in August 2020. Their menu selection includes popular comfort Mexican...

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